Why Use a Realtor

With the complexity of real estate transactions today, the disclosure that's required, security concerns and so much more, using a Realtor to sell a home is just the wise thing to do. 

A professional Realtor will take care of all the functions that sellers themselves either can't do - or can accomplish only with much difficulty.

I always say that you can sell an Oriental rug in a garage sale in Denver, Colorado, or you can ship it off to Sotheby's. Where are you going to get the best price? RE/MAX Crossroads, of course, because of the exposure.

A Realtor will place your listing in the multiple listing service, where all Real Estate Agents in the market will see it, but that's only the start. He or she will work with you to market your home, both to consumers and within the real estate community. Marketing strategies may include flyers, online exposure, "Just Listed" notices and networking with other Realtors.

A Realtor will compare prices of recently sold homes in your area, consider features unique to your home, and use all of his or her expertise in helping you arrive at the right price to get your home sold in timely fashion. Most will provide a Comparative Market Analysis for free. Realtors keep buyers and sellers realistic as to what market conditions really are. View similar recently sold homes in your neighborhood. 

Locating and Qualifying Buyers
Buyers are frightened by for-sale-by-owner properties and they distrust them. They don't drive up and down streets looking for homes for sale. And they don't have easy access to home values, which Realtors can provide.

When you list with a Realtor, it increases the odds that the right buyer will discover your home. And a Realtor will make sure that anybody who goes through your home will be qualified to purchase it and not a looky-loo, or worse, somebody who might be looking at your home for purposes other than buying it. Further, a Realtor will manage the showing process so you don't have to.

Selling a home is very emotional. When buyers and sellers are working directly with each other, they'll often nitpick and try to get the last word in. A Realtor serves as a buffer between the buyer and seller and takes much of the emotion out of the process. Another thing: Sellers who use a Realtor traditionally get a higher price than those who sell it themselves.

Managing the Transaction
It's not just about selling the house. It's about knowing all the current regulations and staying on top of the details. Managing home sales is a tough journey even for a seasoned professional, let alone an inexperienced owner.

Are you aware of legal requirements as to what you must disclose? Do you know what escrow is? What about earnest money? Do you know how to write a sales contract? Realtors know the answers to all these questions and know exactly what tasks to perform at what time to keep the transaction progressing efficiently.